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Dear BUS Member,


I was about to write that in January we celebrate the birthdays of the legendary Joe Kleinerman and Ted Corbitt.  Joe would have been 105 on January 12 and Ted would have been a youthful 98 on January 31.  Bless them both.

But I just learned from Bob Falk about the sad passing of Allan Steinfeld.  Bob said Allan died peacefully, surrounded by friends, at a hospital near Allentown, PA on January 24.  He was 70.  For those who may not know, Allan was the President of New York Road Runners (NYRR) from 1993 to 2005.  Allan had the difficult task of succeeding the celebrated Fred Lebow after Fred was ill and eventually died.  During that time, BUS and the NYRR were ultra partners in coordinating the (then) Knickerbocker 60K and the infamous Metropolitan 50-Miler along with the Kurt Steiner 50K; all at Central Park.  This relationship was originally formed between Fred and me………………………..But Allan would then be our NYRR liaison and sometimes the road between us would be bumpy.  He (and his staff) and I would occasionally disagree about the operation of the NYRR ultras.  But at the same time, I also would experience a benevolent and generous side of Allan.  When BUS conducted the Ted Corbitt 8-Hour and the Joe-Kleinerman 9-Hour at various indoor tracks, Allan and the NYRR would pay for the facility rental fees.  When BUS would also schedule the Ted Corbitt 24-Hours in 2003 and 2008, Allan would make personal donations.  He was big supporter to many causes behind the scene…E was a big supporter to many causes behind the scene………………………Allan was scientifically brilliant and excelled as the Technical Director of the NYC Marathon.  While Fred may have gotten all the headlines, the 5-Borough event could not ever exist without Allan’s input.  But being a CEO of the NYRR came quite unexpected and not easy for Allan to be Fred’s heir apparent.  But Allan still did his best in this unlikely role to maintain the continuity of the NYRR.  What makes this news even sadder, Allan lost his wife, Alice Schneider last October.  In the early days of the NYRR, all of the printing and distributing materials were solely done by Alice from a manual typewriter.  May both rest in peace.

For those who don’t use e-mail or don’t read e-mail or have an operating system like mine that only works on Canadian holidays or during the Stanley Cup.  I will announce (and welcome) again the 40th year of BUS.  Below is the 2017 BUS Membership Application coupon.  Please complete and remit as soon as possible.  In an era of entry fees where the norm is $100 and more for a marathon or ultra, BUS tries not to be part of such a policy.  But we can only do that with contributions from you.  Any extra donation besides your dues would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


The first scheduled event will be the NYUR Award 3-Hour Race coinciding with the 15th annual New York Ultra Running Grand Prix Lunch.  This event will be held at Hendrickson Park in Valley Stream; the run starting at 9AM and the lunch at around 12NN.  Enclosed please find the race flyer.  The original objective of the Grand Prix event is to honor our ultra friends from the previous year.  But throughout the years, the event has become a fun outing shared by all.  The run is low key on flat terrain; a good op to work off some of the winter rust but still not overly taxing; the cost is minimal; and the run is followed by a fulfilling meal provided by Ancona Restaurant while the Grand Prix Awards are distributed.  And a special perk this year.  If your entry is received by February 6, you will receive a colorful New York Ultra Running tee shirt.  I hope you will make every effort to attend.


I’ll be back in touch very soon with more details of the Caumsett Park 50K Championship & GLIRC 25K on March 5 and definitive information about the upcoming BUS event on March 25.  Please stay tune and take care and hope to see you at Hendrickson Park on the 11th.

cheers -------  Richie

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