The 11h annual Race to be held October17,2010
  - in honor of those members of GLIRC born in 1950 -

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2009 Female winner - Jodi Kartes-Heino 
2009 Male winner -     Byron Lane

2008 Female winner - Kimberly Battipaglia 
2008 Male winner -     Byron Lane

2007 Male Winner-Phil McCarthy
2007 Female Winner-Jodi Kartes-Heino

2006 winners-
Rudy Afanador 1st,  Byron Lane 2nd,  Ryutaro Hirai 3rd
Females- Jodi Kartes-Heino 1st, Alicia Barahona 2nd, Betty Horstmann 3rd.

2005 winners-
Phil McCarthy 1st,  David Rye 2nd,  John Cantwell 3rd
Females- Alicja Barahona 1st, Admas Belilgiue 2nd, Ruth Liebowitz 3rd.


The 6 Hour-60th Birthday Run qualifies as one of the most enjoyable races on Long Island
-a low key, fun filled event.
The course is a scenic 2.1 mile loop, with gentle rollling hills, mainly on grass and dirt paths in
beautiful Sunken Meadow Park.
There were over 100 participants last year-all who enjoyed great food at the post race party-
and even better company during the run!
Let's show our friends how much we care for them and show up for this years Birthday Extravaganza!!
If you were born in 1950 and are not
a GLIRC memeber, feel free to invite your friends
and families and join in on the celebration!

Contact Race Director M.Polansky for info!